Simplifying Life’s Complexities into Sound Financial Decisions

Illuminating the Path to Your Financial Peace-of-Mind

As decisions in life become more complex, the financial implications become even more important to consider. There are intricacies in these decisions. I help you navigate best course solutions to ensure that what we do together is making your life better.

HOW can I help you?

Financial Planning

It begins with a deep dive to understand all the financial considerations that often come with living a full, adventure-filled life.

Whether you have stock-based compensation, a second home you have your eye on, children’s colleges to save for or aging parents needing estate planning, I focus on the end result of making your life easier and better.

Investment Management

At Northern Lights, implementation and ongoing management of an investment portfolio requires due diligence, manager monitoring, rebalance activities, as well as high quality performance reporting.

With a focus on long-term investment horizons, I develop comprehensive portfolios based on client goals, values and circumstances as well as tax efficiencies, costs of investments and other tax impacts on investments.

Meet Martin

Martin refers to himself as the fun sponge and voice of reason:

Providing personal attention to draw out what’s important to you in an interactive, entertaining and conversational way, while utilizing his deep knowledge, heavy data-driven process and modeling capabilities, and a team of key experts to present real-life scenarios — all of this brings clarity and sound straight-forward solutions to otherwise complex financial scenarios.

If fact, no scenario is too complex. The more complex the financial landscape, the more likely you will see this Swede at home in his element.

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