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What should You know about Northern Lights Advisors?

We believe it should be a pleasant experience to get your finances in order

The Northern Lights Advisors Difference: About Our Approach

The financial industry is undergoing very rapid change. Being poised to respond accordingly is crucial to how well we can service our clients. Our team stays on the cutting edge of new tools and technologies so that we can best help you accomplish your financial goals.

Managing finances and planning for retirement is, on the surface, a scary and often complicated process for some. That’s why we also aim to make our process engaging — in fact, you might even forget you’re dealing with numbers and intricate financial scenarios.

About Northern Lights Advisors:

Relatability and kinship make for strong working relationships (so does sharing a hike or a paddle on the water!).


Northern Lights Advisors tailors financial planning solutions to your unique circumstances. We provide ongoing investment advice and one-time financial plans. Our services are designed for high-earning individuals and families based in Seattle who often work in or adjacent to the technology companies in this area.   

From complex compensation packages to unique stock situations, we are deeply familiar with the income-related elements of our local economy. We are also attuned to the intricacies of providing for and ensuring your family’s financial wellness. 

Our goal is to offer you peace of mind that your financial best interests are being looked after and give you valuable time back to share with your loved ones and passions. 


Kris and Martin work as a team for all clients. Martin adds great knowledge and personal experience to financial plans that help prepare for children, education savings, and transference of wealth. As a professional without children, Kris deeply understands the different planning considerations for people without heirs.

In short, we’re geeky and love this stuff. Kris is organized and has impeccable processes, while Martin has deep strategy and experience; we’re perfectly complementary.

We might work well together if…

We get it: placing your future in someone else’s hands is scary. You want to feel like your financial well-being is being looked after by a trusted friend — not some faceless representative in a chain office. 

Our team delivers diligent, one-on-one care to each of our clients. We spend a lot of time in the onboarding and getting-to-know-you phase to make sure we’re building a successful relationship from day one. We’re going to get very familiar after all! 

Using Northern Lights Advisors for your financial planning and wealth or portfolio management means you get valuable time back to live your life, be present for your friends and family, and enjoy the beautiful life you’ve built for yourself. 

Meet Our team

Kris Draper


Thomas Grunbeck


If this is What you are about, Northern Lights Advisors would love to work with you

You’re in that prime phase of life.

You could do it on your own…but your life is very full. You need peace of mind that your financial future is well looked out for so you can dedicate your time today to the things that matter most: your family, your career, your passions, and your dog. (Just kidding about the dog, but only a little). You get how valuable having the right team safeguarding your wealth decisions is.

Yes, your financial life can get quite involved. But, this is where magic happens at Northern Lights. Out of the seemingly intricate puzzle are best course solutions. We get clear on what your financial life looks like right now, what you want to anticipate for tomorrow, what you dream about for the future and how you’d like to live once work is not a large part of your day-to-day.



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Our goal is to free you up both in time and mental capacity so that you can enjoy shared experiences with those who matter most.