Martin Lundgren, Advisor

Martin Lundgren


Martin Lundgren is a seasoned financial advisor with a penchant for numbers and adventure. With a holistic approach centered on optimizing savings, strategic investment, tax planning, and long-term objectives, Martin empowers his clients to lead fulfilling lives unencumbered by financial worries.


Long before Martin Lundgren was a financial advisor, he grew up in Sweden and came to the US for undergraduate studies on a swimming scholarship. Post his collegiate experience and armed with a degree in finance and international business, Martin kickstarted his career via an internship at Merrill Lynch. He then moved to a tech consulting firm where he explored the intersection of technology and finance. Next, he thrived as a data expert and project manager for a wealth management firm before shifting gears to cater to the unique needs of high-profile clients.

Martin’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to chart his own path. In 2013, he founded Northern Lights Advisors, leveraging his insights into tech industry compensation nuances and how the affluent manage their wealth. Today, Martin’s approach pairs the wisdom gained from his corporate ventures with a commitment to providing personalized, fee-only services, ensuring that his clients receive tailored solutions without the conflicts of interest often associated with commission-based models.

Outside of work as a financial advisor, Martin Lundgren is deeply passionate about sustainability and athletic pursuits. As a former college swimmer turned triathlon enthusiast, he believes in applying the same dedication and discipline required in sports to financial planning.

Besides hanging out in his Ballard, Seattle neighborhood, Martin can often be found hitting the slopes with his family or accompanied by his loyal companion, Gracie the dog. He also enjoys quality time with his daughter, engaging in (aka driving her to and from) a myriad of activities, including swimming and riding.  

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